The Dutch driver of the Red Bull Junior Team is unstoppable. In the second race this weekend at the Swedish circuit of Anderstorp, Verschoor has won the ninth consecutive race in the SMP F4 NEZ. Behind him, have finished Haapalainen and Valtanen.


The race began with a good start of Verschoor and Valtanen. During the first lap, Roope and Tujula were fighting and it ended with a touch, which caused them to lose several positions. Vartanyan apparently also suffered collateral damage, as he fell to tenth position. Then he went to the pit.

After the first lap, Opmeer had already placed fifth, behind Sitnikov. Opmeer, after three laps being very close to Sitnikov‘s rear wing, won the fourth place. Jarno was showing a really fast pace. On the other hand, Rasmus was also going up and it was fifth, behind Sitnikov.

Opmeer remained quick and scored the fastest lap by 7 tenths. Tziortzis was in ninth position and eager to catch Lloveras.

Valtanen was doing a very good defense with 2 minutes left, as he was closing the door to Opmeer, who wanted to get the podium. Meanwhile, Verschoor was comfortably leading the race with almost 2 seconds ahead of Haapalainen.

In the last lap, Valtanen, Opmeer and Rasmus were in parallel, fighting, but Markkanen suffered a touch with Opmeer that made the Finnish ended last.

Finally, Verschoor got a comfortable victory, the ninth in a row. Haapalainen went behind the Dutch and Valtanen could keep the podium, while Opmeer lost a position in favor of Sitnikov due to the touch with Rasmus in the last lap. The Top10 was completed by Lebedev, Lloveras, Tziortis, Maslennikov and Volegov.