New F1 Nation podcast has been launched to sum up the weekly happening within the sport where Ross Brawn opens up about the 2020 season.

Along with the Beyond The Grid, a new F1 Nation podcast has been launched which will feature updates on the happening in the sport with guests speaking about the current times and how are they looking ahead to their immediate future.

The first episode had Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques moderating with Will Buxton and Rosanna Tennant also joining in. The former two had Brawn as their first guest, who spoke about his time in lockdown as he stressed on the work to get 2020 started in Austria.

“It’s a massive logistical challenge because running a Formula 1 race is a big challenge anyway,” said Brawn. “Running a F1 race in the circumstances is something which is new to all of us and we’re working through all the requirements to make sure we operate in a safe environment for the drivers, for the engineers, for the technicians, for everyone involved in the race, and we put on the right sort of show.

“Unfortunately it will be without fans, which is a great shame, but we still feel we can take the race out to all the fans and watchers on TV and other means. It’s important for us to try and get the season going, many reasons for wanting to start the season.

“One is to excite the fans, who have all been frustrated with the delays. We have a very exciting season in front of us, but it is a very important livelihood for thousands of people – and that is another reason for trying to kickstart the season.

“One of the logistical challenges is getting everyone tested and cleared to enter the racing environment. Once we do that, it’s very attractive to keep everyone in that environment, within that biosphere that we want to create, for another race.

“It’s also pretty challenging to find the right sort of races early on where we can control the environment well enough to ensure the safety of everyone. Austria fits that bill very well. It has a local airport right next to the circuit, where people can charter planes into. It’s not too close to a metropolis.

“It has a great infrastructure around it, for instance, there will be no F1 motorhomes, but there will be full catering facility laid on that the circuit has. We can contain everyone within that environment and therefore once we are there it is appealing to have another race the following week.”

As per Brawn, the target to re-start in Austria is due to its location and nearness to the airport. With no fans allowed and only F1 circus, it will limit movement and help the cause in having more than one race at the same venue – provided the Government gives a go.

It is still a huge challenge as no one knows how long COVID-19 pandemic will continue on for. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc thinks Austria is a bit optimistic goal from F1 but the Monegasque is fine for them to at least give it a go to get 2020 back on road.

Outside the chat with Brawn, the hosts and presenters discussed various other topics about circuits as Tennant took up a challenge where she called up a F1 driver where she tried George Russell and Esteban Gutierrez – both of whom who did pick up.

But eventually Russell returned the call where he talked about his lockdown routine as the Brit opened up on various topics, including growing friendship with Leclerc, Alexander Albon, Nicholas Latifi, Lando Norris and Antonio Giovinazzi.

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