The new electric off-road race car ODYSSEY 21 for the Extreme E series has been unveiled to the public at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The new ODYSSEY 21 Extreme E series electric off-road race car was showcased on Friday at Goodwood Festival of Speed, which will be used for off-road racing action at some of the world’s most testing environments in all corners.

The car is made up of standardised parts, which has been manufactured by Spark Racing Technology, with a battery produced by Williams Advanced Engineering. The 400kW (550hp) ODYSSEY 21 can hit 100km/h in 4.5 seconds.

The car has a niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame with a crash structure and roll cage and tyres designed for both extreme winter and summer requirements – developed by founding partners of the series, Continental.

“The Extreme E-SUV ODYSSEY 21 is unlike anything else in motorsport,” said Alejandro Agag. “The cutting-edge technology our industry-leading partners have employed in its design and construction has resulted in a stunning car, capable of the highest performance in the toughest and most varied environments on the planet.

“Extreme E’s combination of top-level sporting competition and ultra-demanding environments will also prove to be a significant research and development platform for manufacturers, driving further advancements in sustainable mobility.”

The ODYSSEY 21 had its first demonstration run in the shadow of the Goodwood House, after the car was only completed a week ago at Spark factory in Tigery, France. The series will allow teams to test and develop their own powertrain.

“Our challenge was to build a car that could face all the variations in surface and terrain that will be thrown its way, which will include gravel, rock, mud, ice, snow, water and sand, too,” said Theophile Gouzin, Technical Director of Spark Racing Technology.

“Straight out-of-the-box in Season 1, the ODYSSEY 21 and its performance is going to be very impressive, exceeding the power and torque of World Rally Championship and rally raid cars. The numbers are mind-blowing, really.

“The torque and power density from the powertrain is also a breakthrough. We’re getting huge figures from a small package, which means lighter weight, space savings and ultimately improved economy.

“All of this innovation and these lessons learned, are transferable from race-car to road – ultimately benefiting the consumer and the sustainable mobility cause.” Extreme is to run at five different locations, like Tropical Rainforest, Desert, Artic, Ocean and Himalayas.

“Whether it’s in the Arctic, Himalayas, Amazon, Sahara or on Indian Ocean Islands, this car will showcase the ability of E-SUVs, not only to motorsports enthusiasts, but also to consumers who are looking to make their own difference to the planet by choosing an electric SUV,” said Agag.

New Extreme E off-road series to start from 2020-21 onward