McLaren Racing has released details of how the team is preparing for the 2019 F1 season especially with its livery design, logistics and the kit.

In a special series, McLaren talked about its monocoque back in October 2018 and now they have revealed details on how they get ready in terms of painting the new car, getting the new team kit sorted and work with logistics.

The Woking-based outfit reveal that work on the 2019 livery design started in July 2018 when the team weren’t even half-way into the F1 season. The story adds how they embraced the papaya orange livery last year which took them back to its roots.

While not revealing the actual livery of the MCL34, it hints that it will once again be similar to how it was in 2018 as it will be ‘building on the equity of the brand colours which have been synonymous with success across Formula 1, Indy 500 and the Can-Am series’.

Brand director Louise McEwen added: “Collaborating with both the aero department and paint shop, as well as long-term partner AkzoNobel-Sikkens, the brand creative team established the canvas and medium it had to work with.

The MCL34 livery design has been informed by the race team as part of a constant drive for performance, but of course can be considered a creative piece of work too.” In terms of the team kit, McLaren presented various colours in 2018.

Colours like white, grey, orange and black was pretty common in their 2018 kit while they also had a special one-off kit for Fernando Alonso. The team reveals that it started work on the 2019 kit in April once the final 2018 order was delivered.

As with the livery design, the details around the kit cannot be shared just yet but the team says it will present a ‘bold statement’ on the F1 grid. “We’re now at a stage where all the team kit has been manufactured,” said Janann Halliday, product/supply executive.

It was delivered to the printers last week to have logos applied, and we have started receiving the finished articles at the MTC. We cannot give fans much in the way of clues, but we always try to set ourselves apart from the rest of the grid.

“We’ll be making a bold statement this year. Things are going to get colourful.” In terms of the logistics, like it is with every season and team, the first batch of shipment to Australia has already been sent for the garage and hospitality unit.

The cycle continues throughout the season with more stuff sent through air as well especially for the flyaway events. As for the European races, the heavy trucks comes every teams rescue with most of the things transported through road.

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