Lucas Di Grassi claimed his maiden pole position in Formula E in Buenos Aires ahead of Jean-Eric Vergne and Sebastien Buemi.

Group 1 : Sam Bird, Maro Engel, Mitch Evans, Robin Frijns, Adam Carroll

Sam Bird went on for a first 200kw lap in 1:09.839, slower than his FP2 time as he brushed the wall. Frjins went second more than 0.5s a drift but Evans eventually went faster with a 1:09.505 just before Engel stopped briefly on track.

Results after Q1: Evans (1:09.505) , Bird (+0.334) , Frijns (+0.667), Carroll (+1.441) and Engel.

Group 2: Nelson Piquet Jr, Jérôme d’Ambrosio, Lucas Di Grassi, Jean-Eric Vergne and Sébastien Buemi

Di Grassi stayed behind Buemi without staying very close to the Swiss. Buemi was four tenths faster than Evans’ right in the second sector and he claimed best time and Di Grassi remained behind. Coming last, Vergne was more than two tenths faster

Results after Q2: Vergne, Buemi, Di Grassi, Piquet, Evans, D’Ambrosio, Bird, Frijns, Carroll, Engel.

Group 3: Stéphane Sarrazin, Loïc Duval, Felix Rosenqvist, Antonio Felix Da Costa, Jose Maria Lopez

The session was slightly delayed as track marshals were repairing a bollard hit by Di Grassi in Q2.

Antonio Felix Da Costa had to stop his car for the third time in the day but eventually got back rolling, wasting one minute in Q3. Lopez was the first driver to try for a 200kw lap but he hit the rear at t7, breaking his rear tyre. Rosenqvist could not do better than sixth position. With less than one minute to go, Lopez had to stop his car while going back to the pits, provoking a red flag. As he had not made any flying lap before, Da Costa was allowed to make a flyer. Unfortunately for him, Da Costa hit the wall in his first lap and could not make a flyer.

Results after Q3: Vergne, Buemi, Di Grassi, Piquet, Evans, Rosenqvist, D’Ambrosio, Bird, Sarrazin, Frijns, Duval, Carroll, Da Costa, Lopez, Engel.

Group 4: Nico Prost, Nick Heidfeld, Ma Qing Hua, Daniel Abt, Oliver Turvey

Prost was leading way in the group. Daniel Abt hit the exact same place than his teammate in FP2. Prost went fifth faster overall before Ma Qing Hua hit the same place than Abt one minute before. Turvey managed to go slightly faster than Prost and qualified for Superpole.

Results from P6 to P20: Prost, Evans, Rosenqvist, D’Ambrosio, Bird, Sarrazin, Heidfeld, Frjins, Duval, Carroll, Abt, Da Costa, Lopez, Ma Qing Hua, Engel.


Nelson Piquet Jr was the first one to head out on track for superpole. He locked up both front tyres at turn 1 and often found himself oversteering in 1:11.274. Oliver Turvey went out just after his teammate and found the same difficulties than his teammate and scored a 1:10.075. Di Grassi was the third one to go who was very careful and efficient in 1:09.404. Buemi went out afterwards. He locked up in the first breaking point and had to settle for P2. Vergne was the last one to head out, and was very attacking and demanding to claim P2 two tenths a drift from Di Grassi.

Lucas Di Grassi claimed his first pole position in Formula E ahead of Jean-Eric Vergne and Sébastien Buemi.