Pirelli has revealed the compounds for the next three F1 2023 races, as Miami GP hints at using real water for the marina stand.

With the first races done and dusted, Pirelli has revealed the compounds for the next three rounds of the F1 2023 season. It will see a combination for the first time this year with the three softest compounds in action in two of three rounds.

Both Azerbaijan and Emilia Romagna races will see the use of C3, C4 and C5 where the former is the first of the six weekends to feature sprint races. The number of sets during sprint weekends is different and there are talks of new format as well.

If the new format – where FP1 and Qualifying (for Sunday’s race) takes place on Friday, One-lap Qualifying (for Sprint) and Sprint Race fills up Saturday and the main race on Sunday – is approved, Pirelli will revise the number of sets to each driver.

The weekend in Emilia Romagna, meanwhile, will also see a debut of the new wet weather tyres without the tyre blanket. The Imola weekend will also feature a new qualifying format where Q1 will feature Hard tyres, Q2 will have Mediums and Q3 will be for Softs.

In between Azerbaijan and Emilia Romagna, the grand prix in Miami will see C2, C3 and C4 combination. The organisers recently hinted on using real water for their famous Marina Stand, which featured fake water last year with real boats and yachts parked up.

But it is not clear if the yachts will be placed on real water or they are simply adding water pools near the yachts in new cabana-style viewing experience.

Here’s the selection in list form –

Bahrain: C1, C2, C3

Saudi Arabia: C2, C3, C4

Australia: C2, C3, C4

Azerbaijan: C3, C4, C5

Miami – C2, C3, C4

Emilia Romagna – C3, C4, C5

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