Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has announced his own stand for two F1 races in 2020 in Monaco and France, with more to be added as the season progresses.

In just two F1 seasons, Leclerc has become a new star, with Monegasque also re-signing with Ferrari for fives years until 2024 – the only driver on the grid to have a valid contract for so long, with even Max Verstappen signed until 2023 only.

Last year, he launched his own kart brand in association with Birel ART and he is in the process of having his own clothing line as well. Earlier this year, Leclerc also got a custom-made Husqvarna bike for himself as well, showcasing the league he is in now.

After the news of Vietnam GP having a Dutch-only stand for fans of Verstappen and F1, Leclerc announced a stand for his well-wishers as well for 2020, with Monaco GP and French GP being the first two in the list, where more is to be added.

First up will be the race in Monaco, where Grandstand K has been put up by Leclerc as the stand for his fans. He has listed a two-day pack of Saturday and Sunday (with limited seats available), wherein 10 lucky winners – on each day – will get to meet the F1 racer as well.

Aside that, fans booking for his stand will receive a ‘Charles Leclerc Beach Bag’ along with an official signed cap, a T-Shirt and a signed programme. The Grandstand K is situated in Sector 2 and provides the view of Tabac to the Piscine Chicane section.

Meanwhile, for the grand prix in France at Paul Ricard, the Monegasque has put up Grandstand 1 for his fans, where the circuit has kept three zones for Leclerc. It is situated on the start/finish line and is directly opposite to his Ferrari F1 garage.

It is a three-day pass unlike Monaco and the fans booking in Leclerc’s stand will stand to receive a custom beach bag and a signed cap. With his own stand, the Monegasque joins several of his rivals in having an exclusive area for his fans travelling.

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