Step by step details from 2018 season of Formula 2 is being unveiled progresively. I t has been today when it was leaked new Premas Powerteam livery. They one of the first teams to anounce their drivers for 2018 season. The italian based team will contest the season with Sean Gelael and Nick de Vries.

With Gelael arrival, and so, with his sponsors, the livery it’s diferent from other years despite they retain the red and White colours on their cars. The indonesian brought to the team the his sponsors, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and the asian petrol Brand Pertamina. In both examples they are clearly visible on the car.

As well, they used the red color and the halo to draw two lines from trhe nose of the car to the bottom of it. This livery has been leaked so it could be some changes when we see it for the first time at Bahrain the weekend of the april 6-8, so,we can’t be completely sure if this will be the livery chosed for the italian team.