Nicholas Latifi reckons whether George Russell leaves Williams or not in F1 2022, it will not help him in any way, as he hopes to keep his seat irrespective of it.

Its the second F1 season for Latifi in 2021 and his record has been what one would expect from the struggling outfit, mostly no points finishes. In the Hungarian GP, however, the Canadian was able to score his first points, ahead of Russell, for an impressive seventh place.

However, in every qualifying session, and nearly every race, Russell has continued to score well above his teammate, raising questions about his future with Williams and in F1. With the rumours of his current teammate leaving, Latifi’s reckons a post-Russell Williams wouldn’t change much for him, with regards to his future.

“I don’t think it helps me necessarily if George leaves or stays to be honest, I mean, we all know George is an outstanding driver,” said Latifi to written media. “We know the caliber of driver he is and if he goes to Mercedes, I’m sure we’ll see that next year.

“I mean, I know for this side of the car driving against him, so I guess it’s great driving against him now because I have the reference when I’m competitive against him, it gives me confidence because I know the kind of driver I am driving up against.

“But whether he leaves or stays, honestly, if I stay continuity in general is great for me, and I mean I’m sure it’s good for the team, but ultimately it is a completely different car next year so how much of the feedback of the car this year is going to be relevant going into next year if i stay for the team, maybe not as much as previous years, year on year, but I’m sure it can only help,” summed up Latifi.

The Canadian is confident that even if Russell leaves Williams, the move will not come in the way of his performance. Latifi also says that he feels competitive against Russell and reckons that gives him confidence. With a potentially improved car next season, Latifi hopes to be valuable still for the team and retain his seat.

The story was written by Neeladri Nag

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