Lewis Hamilton gives his opinion on the crowd issues towards Max Verstappen during the ongoing F1 British GP.

Red Bull’s Verstappen took his first F1 title in contentious circumstances. It is still up for debate as to who really should have been Champion but the decision is now final and accepted. But it may not be just that for many who watch the sport.

Verstappen has in a roundabout way being central to a racism issue from a number of months back involving as he calls him his “father-in-law”, Nelson Piquet. This story has been well documented across the world over the last week.

After the happenings in Silverstone last year, Verstappen has been in the firing line especially among the British fans. Like Hamilton has had to listen to boos at some of the Dutchman-favourable venues he goes, his rival has had to face the same in the Brit’s home.

During qualifying, a section of fans cheered when Verstappen spun off and upon finishing in the Top 3. He was later booed upon interview from Billy Monger as has been happening since Thursday of the weekend. This has been a problem in recent times.

It is not just Verstappen and Hamilton, but a lot of them face the same with a section od fans showing displeasure. The Brit – when asked – notably distanced himself from the boosa and stated that he doesn’t align with the fans who does that in any form and anywhere.

“I think we are better than that,” said Hamilton. “I would say we don’t need to do booing, but we have got such great fans and our sporting fans, they feel emotions, ups and downs, but I definitely don’t agree with booing. I don’t think we need to do that we should be here. It doesn’t make any difference when you boo someone either, they have already made the mistakes or whatever it is.

“But I really do appreciate the support I have had here. I don’t know, maybe some of them are still feeling the pain from last year still. Either way I don’t agree.” In a nutshell, Hamilton has it in a nutshell, there are still some sore people from last season, in light of “Piquetgate” and the relationship between Verstappen and Piquet Sr, that might also be a factor.

Verstappen himself is very philosophical when discussing the issue. “It was a bit disappointing, because I couldn’t really understand Billy, and it was a bit of a problem,” he said. “But the rest I mean, if they want to boo, they do that. I mean, for me, it’s not going to change anything. I am happy to always be here. It’s a great track, it’s great atmosphere in general.

“Maybe some of them, they don’t like me, but I mean, that’s fine. They all have their own opinions. I don’t care,” summed up Verstappen. We all want our favourites to win and sometimes at any cost. It is sad and is a pity about the booing issues at Silverstone, but fortunately it is only limited to a section of fans.