Lewis Hamilton, George Russell are happy how their first F1 season together at mercedes panned out where they helped the team in many ways.

The biggest challenge or threat for any driver first and foremost is their teammate. For some, there has been no love lost over the years, some have got on well. Some, it has always been a case of a number one and number two scenario and that of course is common place and always will be for as long as F1 remains in existence.

The 2022 season saw Russell paired with Hamilton at Mercedes, replacing Valtteri Bottas. The former was of course no stranger to Mercedes having been part of their programme and stood in for the latter in 2020 at the Sakhir Grand Prix.

And so, to the 2022 campaign and Russell’s first full season with the Brackley outfit. It was a tough season with all the maladies the team suffered but he acquitted himself well, was consistent and scored his maiden win – the only one for the team too.

It is not easy to be a teammate of Hamilton but he handled it well with the two having to work together to get Mercedes out of the slump. “I think it’s been smooth and there has been a lot of growth,” said the 7-time champion when asked about the relationship with Russell.

“I have worked with many drivers before, so it was perhaps more normal for me but for him, it was probably more of an adjustment because he was new to the team and it was the first time we had worked together properly. He’s been great to work with, pushing the car forwards technically and set-up wise. It’s been a good first year as team-mates,” summed Hamilton.

So, in a nutshell, Hamilton gives Russell the thumbs up. The latter did finish ahead of the former in the overall standings but it’s good to see from his point of view that it was a positive first season together and there was equal response to it.

“The relationship has been harmonious,” said Russell. “What impressed me the most with Lewis is seeing how he works with the team, how he gets the most out of the people around him, how he continues to keep morale high when moments are tough and ultimately what I already knew is how damn fast he is and how much of a challenge it is being teammates with a guy like him.”

Going into his second season with Russell will be an interesting scenario. If Mercedes is in the position to fight for the championship, the situation will different to how it was in 2022, giving them an extra headache to handle them if there is any kind of rivalry.


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