Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has clarified his situation after he attended an event where Sophie Trudeau and Idris Elba was tested positive for COVID-19.

It was a charity event held in the United Kingdom on March 3. Trudeau – wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin – was first tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning to her homeland. Few days later, Hollywood actor Elba too had a positive result.

In the latter’s case, he is in the asymptomatic category and is doing well. Speculations then raised regarding Hamilton as well, who had since traveled down to Australia for the grand prix which got cancelled eventually. He stayed back in Melbourne for few days.

He has returned since then, but it is not clear if he landed back in UK. With stories spreading about his health, Hamilton took to the social media to clarify his situation as he says he has self-isolated himself. He hasn’t tested himself so far for COVID-19 though.

Since Hamilton is not showing any symptoms and with the lack of testing kit, his doctors advised him to stay in, with little to worry. So far, McLaren’s Carlos Sainz is the lone F1 driver who has admitted to have tested himself, with a negative result.

Here’s what Hamilton stated:

As the pandemic creates havoc around the globe with countries reeling under the pressure. F1 teams – including Mercedes – are helping the health sector with ventilators and other utility items needed in the wake of the catastrophe.

Here’s what Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff said:

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