Parolin driver found the exactly moment to lead the race and got a gap which given to him the triumph in the OKJ Final in 2th round of WSK Super Master Series held in Sarno (Italy). Evann Mallet and Gabriel Bortoleto completed the podium.

2nd classified in WSK, Gabriel Bortoleto, achieved to maintain the pole position in the start of the race. Championship leader, Kirill Small, couldn’t say the same. Russian driver was overtook by David Hadrien. Gabriele Mini placed 4th and Zak Sullivan 5th.

In the first lap, Smal and Hadrien touched each other when they was fighting and lost all option to win the race.
In third lap, Bortoleto got a gap because of the battles between drivers who was behind him. Parolin driver, Mini, positioned 2nd, Sullivan 3rd, Beganovic was 4th and Maya Weug was 5th.

One lap after, Mini achieved to reduce the distance between him and Bortoleto and he overtook Brazilian driver easily. CRG driver was also overpaced by Sullivan and Beganovic.

In the middle of the race, Weug overtook Bortoleto too. Before that, they had overpaced Beganovic, who could not keep the pace of his rivals.

On the last 3 laps of the race, Maya Weug was very close to Sullivan. She overtook him in the penultimate lap. Mallet and Bortoleto were also close to them and they was waiting to see what they could achieve.

But this manoeuvre was not succesfully, because Weug went into the straight line very slow and Mallet and Bortoleto attacked her. Finally, Sullivan got revenged on Weug and he overpaced her in the next corner.

Finally, the victory was for Gabriele Mini -who had not been bothered for any driver in the last laps-, Evann Millet finished 2nd and Gabriel Bortoleto was 3rd. Out of the podium, Zak Sullivan ended 4th, Maya Weug 5th. Leader championship, Kirill Smal, could finish in 8th position.