Kevin Magnussen was at loss of words post the disaster in F1 Miami GP, as Logan Sargeant adds his view on their collision.

Haas’ Magnussen was at loss of words post the F1 Miami GP after yet another incident for which he was handed a penalty and also penalty points on his superlicense. Already in the sprint race, he was called out for his tactics which he admitted too.

In the quest to gain places, he seemingly made an opportunistic move on Williams’ Sargeant in the main race at the exit of Turn 2 to send him into the barrier. The American had the line ahead as the Dane went on the kerb and spun him around.

The stewards solely blamed Magnussen, who received two more penalty points to take his tally to 10 in the space of 12 months. He is certainly under the risk of missing out on one race and it could be this weekend itself in Monaco considering his situation for now.

Post-race, Magnussen had nothing much to say with his media session not even lasting a minute. When asked about the penalty, he simply responded by “I better not comment”, and pressed further to ask if it was incorrect, his response was still, “Better not comment”.

In between, when asked if he was clearly not happy, he responded with a “No”, and when asked if he needs clarification on certain rules, he simply said “Yeah”, before leaving. Just before that, he was even asked about Andrea Stella’s comments.

That if he doesn’t wants to comment on it, Magnussen agreed by stating, “You are right”. In the post-race press released, there was a proper sentence at least. “It wasn’t a good day, again,” he said. “Hopefully I can get some clarity on things going forward.

“What happened today, of course it’s not good, but nonetheless, we try to move on and have a better weekend next weekend.” On the flipside, Sargeant didn’t wished to comment as much, but did kind of agreed on the blame to go towards Magnussen.

“In this particular case, I haven’t seen it back so I don’t have a lot to say other than that it’s a very disappointing way to end up at my home race weekend,” he said. “Obviously, I saw him on the outside into Turn 1, saw him try to cut back into Turn 2, went through Turn 2 and I thought he would filter back in, of course then we hit.”

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