Jamie Green takes pole in this new classification system and will come out first in today’s race. He was followed by Wehrlein and Farfus second and third.

Classification of the first race of the weekend in Hockenheim, now dry and the drivers queued at the end of pit lane to get out on track as soon as possible, because in 20 minutes pole is decided.

After the first steps on the finish line Ekström was leading and then the only mishap happened, Vietoris came out in Motodrome and crashed against the wall, but fortunately could return to the pits.

Then all the drivers came in, to change tires and make a second attempt, Green was leading. And he is not going to move because the track did not improve in the second attempt of the drivers.

First pole of the season for Jamie Green followed by Wehrlein and third Farfus, the latter was shot in the dying seconds of qualifying. The race will start in just an hour and a half.