The FIA shared details regarding circuit changes at Interlagos for F1 Brazilian GP along with the DRS zones, steward names and more.

With the FIA confirming that Neils Wittich will remain as the race director for the rest of the 2022 F1 season, his note for the Brazilian GP shared multiple details regarding the weekend. Track limits will be defined by the white line as expected.

Amid changes made to the circuit, Turn 1, Turn 6, Turn 7, Turn 10 to Turn 14 and the main straight has seen various changes, which the note explained it as:

  • Turn 1: At the end of the run-off area a new section of concrete barriers with tyres has been installed.
  • Turn 6 & 7: On RHS of the apex of both corners a strip of grasscrete has been installed. On LHS in the transition of the run-off between Turn 6 and /, new guardrail and a new concrete wall has been installed. On LHS of Turn 7 a small surface repair was done.
  • Turn 10 until Turn 14: New guardrail and debris fence was installed along the entire stretch.
  • Main Straight: Two new pit wall gates at the start line and in front of garage 7. On RHS a new grooving section to prevent aquaplaning has been performed.

In terms of the two DRS zones, the first one’s detection zone is at apex of Turn 2 and activation being 30m after Turn 3. At the same time, the second’s detection zone is at 30m after Turn 13 and activation being 160m after Turn 15.

The FIA stewards panel for F1 Brazilian GP will be led by Tim Sayer with Dereck Warawick in his company along with Matthieu Remmerie and Roberto Pupo Moreno.

Here’s the full FIA Race Directions’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

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