The FIA shares details regarding F1 Emilia Romagna GP from circuit changes to DRS zone plus stewards and tyre blankets rule.

The F1 circus heads up to Imola this weekend for Emilia Romagna GP, with the FIA Race Directors’ note sharing details regarding the weekend. The track limits situation remain as the white line as seen in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Interestingly, Neils Wittich remains as the Race Director with Eduardo Freitas still to feature on any of the official F1 race weekend. In terms of the changes of the circuit, the FIA has noted couple of them:

  • A bollard has been installed behind the combination kerb in Turn 14.
  • The double kerb at the exit of Turn 19 has been extended.

Moving on to the sole DRS zone, the detection point was 385m before Turn 17 and activation zone being 60m before Turn 19. At the same time, the FIA stewards will be led by Nish Shetty with Felix Holter, Mika Salo and Paolo Longoni at their side.

In a special note for the weekend, the FIA has permitted time to keep the tyres in blankets to a maximum temperature of 30C which is being done to minimise any troubles or issues relating to the colder temperatures due to the weather conditions.

“In addition to the minimum heating times and temperatures specified in the Pirelli Event Preview, Competitors will be permitted to leave their tyres wrapped in blankets and heating to a maximum temperature of 30 °C throughout the night in order to minimise any issues relating to the colder overnight ambient temperatures.”

From last weekend, the FIA also revealed that Alexander Albon’s Williams car went through the post-race random checks and everything was found to be upto the mark.

Here’s the FIA Race Directors’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

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