The FIA has notes the changes undertaken at Circuit of the Americas for this weekend’s F1 US GP and has also released the names of the stewards.

There will be just one big change at COTA for this weekend’s F1 US GP as per the FIA preview about the circuit, which notes that the track has been resurfaced around Turn 9 and Turn 10 from the 2018 grand prix.

In addition, some ground areas has also been resurfaced, while the FIA have installed track limit sensors in Turn 13 and Turn 19. Some of the media, who completed a walk around the track before the weekend, noted about parts of tarmac opening up as well.

Moving on to the DRS zones, there will once again be two like in 2018. The detection point for the first one will be 150m after Turn 10, with the activation point 250m after Turn 11. The second zone’s detection point will be 65m after Turn 18.

The activation point then is 80m after Turn 20, on the start/finish straight. As for the four FIA stewards, Garry Connelly will head the pack alongside Jose Abed, as Derek Warwick will be the driver representative and Dennis Dean will be the national steward.

This weekend’s US GP will be the first chance for Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton to actually seal the 2019 F1 drivers’ championship, with minimal chance for Valtteri Bottas to hang on. A non-finish for the British racer will take the fight to Brazil GP.

Even though Bottas wins with a fastest lap, Hamilton just needs to finish anywhere between second and seventh to seal the championship. The Finn actually just has four points to play with as the odds are stacked against him heavily.

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