The FIA has made amendments to the International Sporting Code during the latest General Assembly pertaining to few matters.

Among the changes, the recently concluded General Assembly in Italy addressed some to the International Sporting Code pertaining to all the championships that the FIA run. President Mohammed Ben Sulayem approved it with the World Motor Sport Council members.

One of the changes related to cooling-off period of six months for both the FIA President and Deputy President for Sport, so that they keep confidential information to themselves. Another one is related to the competitors and their behaviour  in terms of language. Among others, it was related to ASN matters and neutrality factor.

Here’s the changes from the FIA:

  • Article 9.1 has been added to the Code to cover a cooling-off period of six months to be served by the FIA President and the FIA Deputy President for Sport at the completion of their terms in respect of their duty to keep confidential information relating to FIA Championships they are privy to.
  • Articles 12.2.1.k and 20, which relate to the use of inappropriate language, have been changed to make it a general rule of behaviour and widen its scope of application.
  • Article 12.2.1.n. is changed to enable the FIA to align itself to the practices of other similar international sports organisations such as FIFA, IOC and FIBA on the matter of neutrality by amending the ISC to this effect. This will allow the ISC to widen its scope of application to cover statements/comments in violation of the general principle of neutrality.
  • In addition, seven other proposals were approved. They are an update of the matters which fall outside the authority of the stewards; applicable laws; official ceremonies at FIA Championships; environmental requirements for circuits; ASN development series; update in relation to the registration of the staff of competitors as well as of manufacturers registered to supply Formula E cars and Formula One power units to competitors entered in these FIA World Championships; limited-speed competitions.

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