FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has revealed how its new AI system has blocked several toxic messages from appearing on its platform.

Earlier this year in October, the FIA revealed about using platform for its social media channels to try and limit or block out toxic messages from F1 fans from appearing. Its been put in use for few months now and the results are to be seen.

Amid the FIA Annual General Assembly in Italy, Sulayem in his long message to everyone gathered, revealed that the AI system has blocked nearly 2400 toxic messages from appearing on its social media channels, noting how the system is working for now.

“Delegates, as we approach our 120th anniversary, we reflect on our rich history,” said Sulayem. “It is a legacy we must preserve. To ensure this we have just launched our new e-library and archives, achieving another manifesto promise. Moving forward, we must be sure that motorsport and mobility is appealing to all.

“That is why we have taken steps to tackle online abuse by using artificial intelligence to clean up our social media. Since we started using it in October, it has instantly blocked 2,400 severely toxic messages from appearing. But this is just the beginning. I really want the FIA to play a lead role in reducing online abuse worldwide.

“To do this, we are conducting research and building relationships with the EU, sporting bodies, and social media companies with a goal of convening a summit to make firm commitments to stop online hate,” summed up Sulayem.

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