Ferrari has announced further structural changes ahead of the start of the 2021 F1 season, as it extends its deals with Brembo and Radiobook.

Ahead of the team launch on February 26, Ferrari has announced further structural changes within the F1 team. The idea for clarification is for an absolute focus on the technical and racing priorities with the definition of very clear roles and responsibilities.

Mattia Binotto remains in his Team Principal and Managing Director role, where the likes of Enrico Cardile (Chassis), Enrico Gualtieri (Power Unit), Laurent Mekies (Racing) and Gianmaria Fulgenzi (Supply Chain), will be reporting to him.

As already known from before, Cardile replaced Haas-bound Simone Resta in the chassis side, where the rest remain as they were before. The headline role for Mekies has changed from being a ‘Sporting Director’ to ‘Racing’ – which seems unclear at this point.

The chassis department – headed by Cardile – has four key areas as per the latest change from Ferrari. It will see David Sanchez looking after the Vehicle Concept side, Fabio Montecchi seeing the Chassis Project Engineering, Diego Ioverno looking at Vehicle Operations and Cardile seeing Chassis Performance Engineering.

Ferrari noted that the track engineering activity will be integrated in the Chassis Performance Engineering department, while the Commercial, Marketing and Events department will be part of the Brand Diversification Area, led by Nicola Boari.

In further announcement of extending deals with its previous partners, Ferrari confirmed continuation of its partnership with Brembo and Radiobook for the 2021 F1 season. The former has been with the Italian manufacturer as its brake supplier for 45 years.

As for Radiobook, while the partnership is for the season, but its logo ‘R’ will be present on the car and the team gear, only in selected races. Last year, the Japanese company’s name appeared in grand prix in Austria, Italy and Abu Dhabi.

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