Jules Bianchi, the Marussia driver who suffered an accident while racing in Japan last October, sadly passed Friday night in Nice at the age of 25. In the wake of this death, many drivers, officials, teams and people from the motorsport world, have sent their tributes, speaking of his incredible talent, but also his warmth and kindness. But supporters who have been sending their own tributes through social media want the FIA to take part in the homage next weekend.

Ever since news of Jules’ passing has made it online, tributes have been pouring out onto social media. Fans have joined drivers, teams and officials in paying homage to the bright talent and wonderful human being Jules was. But they also want the FIA to take part in the homage. Jules is sadly the first driver to die in 21 years. The last one before him was Ayrton Senna, who died on May 1, 1994, while racing in Imola. Roland Ratzenberger had died the day before him. Following their tragic deaths, the FIA had decided at the time to leave the first two positions on the grid empty to pay their respects to the drivers. In Monaco, which was the first race after Imola, the first two spots on the grid were thus left empty and painted in the colors of the Brazilian and Austrian flags.

Fans are now using social media to urge FIA to do the same in Hungary next week. LenM4 is one of them.

Others are simply asking for a homage in whatever form.


Grace Wilkinson who launched the #WearRedForJules appeal back in October, which received thousands of answers back in October, and who regularly asked followers to do so again to show support to the Frenchman, has once again asked motorsports enthusiasts to unite on the Hungarian Grand Prix. She wants everyone to wear a red item of clothing once again to pay another tribute to the young driver.


The FIA has yet to comment on Jules’ passing or the appeal that fans have just launched. There is no doubt that the appeal will gain more support in the coming hours and days as Jules was so loved and appreciated. There is no doubt either that the FIA should agree to the homage as last year, a very heartfelt one was held in Sochi, just after Jules’ accident.