F1 will have an e-vote on the 2020 changes as well as for 2021 as the 22-race calendar for next year is confirmed by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

Following the publishing of the provisional F1 calendar for the 2020 season with 22 races, which includes the new Vietnam GP and returning Dutch GP, the FIA WMSC on Friday officiated the paper by confirming the calendar as it is without any changes.

As a natural precedent, both the races in Vietnam and Netherlands is subjected to circuit homologation. The work on both is reportedly going slow as they push to get it done. In fact, officials of Vietnam GP were in Singapore to learn the things they need to do.

The team visited the media center and spent the whole weekend understanding the requirements. It will be for the first time that F1 will host 22 races, starting with the Australian GP on March 15 and ending with Abu Dhabi GP on November 29.

Only German GP is the missing race from the 2019 F1 season, while the Spanish GP and Mexico GP were saved by last-minute deals. The testing calendar was also confirmed with the pre-season days down to six and the in-season running scrapped all-together.

It will take place at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona in February for three days each as the Friday sessions are to be utilised for testing parts. It remains to be seen how the rookie drivers get some track time with the new change.

Aside the calendar confirmation, the FIA WMSC also laid out that the various changes proposed for the 2020 Sporting Regulations will be decided through an e-vote after a discussion already done in the meet on Friday.

Additionally, the council were presented with ‘detailed update of the draft 2021 Sporting, Technical and Financial Regulation’. There will be an e-vote for the same as well and will be done before the official publishing on October 31.

Here’s the full calendar:

F1 reveals record provisional calendar of 22 races for 2020 season