The latest F1 Beyond The Grid podcast had a never-before-heard interview of Sir Stirling Moss where he spoke on multiple topics.

After Martin Brundle was the guest of a unique F1 Beyond The Grid podcast episode last week, there was an unusual, yet touching episode once again this week where they ran an interview with Moss, which was never made public until now.

  • Using audio from what is believed to be his final in-depth interview, FOM shared the clip with Tom Clarkson chipping in with voiceover from time to time.
  • The interviewer – a close family friend of his – Mia Forbes Pirie, told of where and when the interview took place, before the interview itself started.
  • Initially, the conversation surrounded the ever-present danger of F1 racing in his era, and the emotional toll of his fellow drivers passing away so frequently
  • After this, Moss didn’t even attempt to deny that selfishness was a key component to success in his illustrious career.
  • The Brit also told of his terrifying experience driving in the Millie Miglia, and how he approached racing there – methodically.
  • Inevitably, Moss touched upon the Mercedes 300SLR which he raced in, his ruthless competition in Juan Manuel Fangio, and how the event was run.
  • Then, he answered a deeper question about why winning feels so important to him.
  • This led to a chat 1958 title loss to Mike Hawthorn, in which he famously fought on behalf of his rival and gave him the title; Moss said that, while winning is important, the principle is far more valuable to him than a name on a trophy.
  • Naturally, there was more conversation to be had about his F1 career and the crash that effectively ended it for him at Goodwood.
  • Interestingly, Moss said that he regrets retiring after that crash, as he noted that he likely could have returned to his former glory
  • The final subject matters were deeper, with discussions about life, marriage, and death.

Due to FOM’s restrictions, we cannot use the podcast but we have the link where you can find it:

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