With the goal of achieving a net zero carbon by 2030, F1 has introduced 100% sustainable ‘drop-in fuel’ for the new power unit regulations.

The new generation cars from 2022 will already use the E10 fuel, which is a mixture of 90% fossil fuel and 10% ethanol, but for the future ahead, F1 is working on a 100% sustainable ‘drop-in fuel’ to achieve its net zero carbon target by 2030.

The discussions are on with the fuel companies who are part of F1 with various teams, not just for the competition use but also producing it in mass numbers to help in a global use. It could serve as an alternative to the current fuel and also electric vehicles.

The release states that the drop-in fuel can be used in a standard internal combustion engine without any modification to the engine itself. It adds that it will be created in a laboratory from the components ‘from either a carbon capture scheme, municipal waste or non-food biomass’, to cut down on the fossil fuel carbon emissions.

F1 believes that the cars will be still as fast as the current times even with the 100% sustainable fuel, which could make its debut by 2025 or 2026 – whenever the new engine regulations come into force.

Here’s a video explanation:

Here’s video if the above link doesn’t work: https://twitter.com/F1/status/1445314090520481793?s=20

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