The F1 Concorde Agreement early signing date has been deferred by six days due to some legal changes with the final date remaining the same.

From what the F1 team principals said last weekend, the early signing date for Concorde Agreement was slated to August 12 (i.e today) but the latest news is that it has been deferred by six days to August 18 due to some legal changes.

It is not clear what those changes are as the final date of signing is August 31. Last weekend, Mercedes had reservations on signing the F1 Concorde Agreement with Toto Wolff opening up on his demands to be looked at in a better way.

He did not like how Ferrari and McLaren spoke about being ready and mentioning of some teams not so. Almost all of the F1 teams gave their consent of an early signing, which would help them get an early bonus too – reported amount being five million euros.

The likes of Ferrari, McLaren, Alfa Romeo Racing, Renault and Williams seemed ready along with Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri but voices from Haas wasn’t clear enough, although some reports suggested it to be a yes, while Mercedes and Racing Point wanted clarity.

Most were still confident, though, that all 10 teams will be eventually ready to sign, even though, there will be negotiations for better representation, for the five-year deal from 2021 until the 2025 season – it being the first handled by Liberty Media.

The statement on the deferral from F1 as per BBC Sport stated: “We have received some final small legal comments that are being considered so the early sign-on deadline has been moved to 18 August.”

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