With 2022 F1 season not far off, FormulaRapida.net is noting down the car launch dates, tentative filming run and fire-up here.

After Williams announced its launch date earlier on Tuesday, it completed the 2022 set of launches which already started with Haas last week. This week will see further three presentations with the next one having four, leaving two for later.

Here’s the list of F1 launches along with times:

Haas – February 4 – Online

Red Bull – February 9 – Online – 16:00 GMT (17:00 CET)

Aston Martin – February 10 – Online – 14:00 GMT (15:00 CET)

McLaren – February 11 – Online/Sky Sports F1 – 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET)

AlphaTauri – February 14 – Online – 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET)

Williams – February 15 – Online – 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET)

Ferrari – February 17 – Online – 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET)

Mercedes – February 18 – Online/Silverstone – TBC

Alpine – February 21 – Online – TBC

Alfa Romeo – February 27 – Online – 9:00 GMT (10:00 CET)

Moving on to the fire-up sounds, while Mercedes already shared theirs in December, its rivals like Alpine and Ferrari only did so in January and February, respectively. Since Honda is not officially around, there will be no fire-up clip from the Japanese manufacturer.

Red Bull usually don’t share theirs, leaving only AlphaTauri who shared the sound of the Red Bull Powertrains ‘Honda’ power unit. In fact, in the customer F1 outfit list, only McLaren and Aston Martin have shared a video of its fire-up.

Here’s the F1 fire-up videos:


With the fire-ups and launches done, the next task for the F1 outfits will be filming days where they get 100 km to run on non-racing tyres. The filming day will be the first-ever action for the 2022 cars on track in their supposed final version with the 18-inches tyres.

Most of the teams would take up the option to undertake at least one run before the 2022 season kicks-off, leaving one more day at hand for later running. This year’s filming day will be a big litmus check for all the systems with brand new parts installed.

As things stands, only Mercedes and Haas have seemingly confirmed their dates for the filming day. The tentative date for Alfa Romeo’s filming day co-incides with their launch date, whose venue hasn’t been shared even though it will be online.

In the last few years, Red Bull’s launch has co-incided with a shakedown at Silverstone, which could be the case this year too, while AlphaTauri prefers its shakedown to be either at Imola or Misano. As for Aston Martin and McLaren, they had their shakedown last year at Silverstone and like Red Bull, it could be the same this year too.

Here’s a tentative F1 team list along with the track and date:

Aston Martin – February 10 – Silverstone (likely)

Mercedes – February 18 – Silverstone

Haas – February 21 – Barcelona

Ferrari – February 22 – Barcelona

Alpine – February 22 – Barcelona

Williams – February 26 – Barcelona

Alfa Romeo – February 27 – Barcelona

Red Bull – TBC

AlphaTauri – TBC

McLaren – TBC

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