Toto Wolff notes both Mercedes and Ferrari to be losers behind Red Bull, as adds on the advantages and disadvantages to go with it.

With this rule of sliding scale of wind tunnel time, the finishing order brings different kinds of advantages and disadvantages for F1 teams. A low finish for Aston Martin in 2022 helped them to do well in 2023, which was similar for Mercedes as well.

This time, Mercedes has finished ahead of Ferrari which means the latter will have more time at wind tunnel. Of course, they will have slightly less money for bonus, etc, but seeing how extra time at wind tunnel is aiding teams, it will come in handy.

From a broader perspective, Wolff terms both Mercedes and Ferrari as losers to Red Bull. But he is aware of the different challenges of finishing second and or third. But for now, he doesn’t minds to be second after all the challenges they went through since 2021.

“Both losers,” said Wolff when asked about the P2 and P3 situations. “It is better P2 for money and bonuses for the people. It is better P3 for the wind tunnel time. Ferrari has 7% more than us though, and we would have had 14% more than Red Bull [if we finished third], but you can’t get what you always want.

“You want the bonuses and the extra wind-tunnel time. But that’s a very good question because it’s not one dimensional. As I said, from a mindset perspective, if you would have asked me at the beginning of the season, I would have said it’s not very relevant whether we finish P2 or P3.

“The sporting advantage is that you have more wind tunnel time for next year, but then there is a financial component for all our staff in terms of bonus. I need to look after everyone together with my senior management, and therefore, it is a very important component, even though maybe from the sporting side, it is not so relevant.

“Having finished second in the World Championship that evening, it felt great. I wasn’t expecting to have that feeling. You could see a boost of morale and emotion that was going through the team and that was important,” summed up Wolff.

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