Susie Wolff has officially filed a criminal complaint against the FIA in relation to the allegations against her in March. 

After the allegations raised on Toto and Susie Wolff over the winter regarding conflict of interest considering the former being Mercedes boss and the latter being F1 Academy chief, it pushed the FIA Ethics Committee to look into the matter.

The governing did take up the case but did not name either of the Wolff in the case. Eventually, they dropped it noting that they found nothing in the matter. But this whole situation left a mark on the image of the Wolffs, who did not take it well.

There was a strong statement from Susie which not only included this topic where there was no transparency, but a wider one of stand against women in particular in the sport. As a result, Wolff has initiated criminal complaint on the matter.

She is unhappy with no communication or accountability and so she is pressing the matter in the French court. “I can confirm that I personally filed a criminal complaint in the French courts on the 4th of March in relation to the statements made about me by the FIA last December,” Wolff wrote.

“There has still not been any transparency or accountability in relation to the conduct Of the FIA and its personnel in this matter. I feel more than ever it is important to Stand up, call out improper behaviour and make sure people are held to account. Whilst some may think silence absolves them from responsibility – it does not.”

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