Toto Wolff says Mercedes is keenly looking how FIA handles the Felipe Massa situation with regards to 2008 championship, as Zak Brown is surprised by the case.

The surprise move from Massa to re-open the 2008 F1 championship case where the Brazilian lost the title to Lewis Hamilton has gathered interest from plenty of people in the paddock. They are keenly looking at what comes out of it certainly.

One of the key players with that interest is Mercedes considering how they lost the 2021 F1 drivers’ title to Max Verstappen. Team boss is waiting to see how the FIA handles the case knowing how they handled their case in 2021 and react accordingly.

“Well, interesting to follow,” said Wolff. “Clearly not something that anybody saw coming. The rules are pretty clear in Formula 1. Is there a civil case behind it? It will certainly set a precedent, whatever it is. Yeah, we’re looking from the sidelines with curiosity.

“The FIA commented on the 2021 race with a clear statement. So that’s why we’re looking at it with interest,” summed up Wolff. Not only is Mercedes involved indirectly in the matter, the McLaren team too is in the reckoning since Hamilton used to drive for them then.

As of now the current set of McLaren organisation hasn’t been requested in anyway to help. In fact, Brown is surprised by the case and is also waiting how it develops further. “Yeah, it was obviously well before my time,” he said.

“I was actually at the race and yeah, we’ve not been contacted. I’ve not been asked about it. It’s the first time I’ve been asked about it so it doesn’t really involve today’s McLaren. So (I’m) a little surprised that it’s come up now. Not sure what’s triggered it now but we’ll just wait and see if it develops further.”

Massa’s legal team has extended the time given to the FIA and F1 to respond but the Brazilian is hoping that Ferrari and Hamilton support his cause. The Brazilian has found support from Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko, who added some fuel to the ongoing fire.

“It was terrible to see Massa celebrating winning the title in Brazil for 20 seconds, and then suddenly it was all gone,” said Marko to Austrian publication Kronen Zeitung. “I would like him to win the title – and Mr. Hamilton – for whom records are not so important – would then have one less.

“If there are new facts, the matter can be reopened. And then the chances for Massa are not so bad. The only question is, where would we end up if we had to re-evaluate many other races where there have also been incidents?”

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