Visa Cash App RB and Red Bull joined the competed shakedown list of F1 2024 ahead of next week’s Bahrain test.

After the likes of Haas, Stake F1 Team, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes completed its 2024 shakedown, Visa Cash App RB and Red Bull did so as well at Misano and Silverstone respectively, ahead of next week’s pre-season test in Bahrain.

Visa Cash App RB had Yuki Tsunoda driving the VCARB 01 at Misano on Thursday, with Daniel Ricciardo driving in the afternoon in dry conditions. Red Bull, meanwhile, had Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen getting their chance in the RB20 at a wet Silverstone.

Red Bull had theirs on Tuesday away from any media and they have shared no on-track footage and or photos of the car in action thus far. Only some shots of drivers have been posted, while Visa Cash App RB has only released some video footage.

Here’s videos from Visa Cash App RB:


Here’s Red Bull trio on current situation

F1 2024 shakedown list –

Haas, Stake

Aston Martin


Mercedes, McLaren

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