Valtteri Bottas has featured in an advertisement for Australia’s Uber Carshare, bringing out his ‘Down Under’ style.

Say hello to my second car: a classic Aussie ute, customised especially for Aussie road trips. I love nothing more than getting out onto the open road when I’m in Australia. So we designed the perfect car for an Aussie road trip. Now for the first time ever, you can drive it too. Just follow the usual booking process and when you return the car in its original condition, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

A trip in the most epic car at no expense? You’re welcome! Let’s start with the outside… Of course, I have all the usual things: lots of boot space, roof racks for surfboards, bike racks, fishing rod holders, plus a working fridge. But I also have an automatic BRS (Bug Repellent System). A detachable Hills Hoist to dry my budgies. A thong storage unit for all my pluggers. High beam spotlights for kangaroo spotting. And a freshwater shower built into the tray lid, because I don’t enjoy being sticky after a swim.

Inside is even better. There is a neck aeration system for when my mullet gets too hot. Back sweat catchers. A built-in sunscreen dispenser so I don’t get driver’s arm tan. An in-built neck pillow for my passengers to enjoy a nap. Sunglasses storage for my favourite reflector sunnies. A battery-operated hair dryer to fix my hair after a swim. (You may not know this about me, but my hair is very important to me.)

For a little taste of home, I also have my Finnish lambswool steering wheel cover. Oh yes, how could I forget. The horn sounds like a kookaburra. Because this sound tickles me. This second car is a pride and joy. Purpose-built for epic Aussie adventures. It shouldn’t be locked away in a garage. It deserves to be fanged down a highway. A few simple requests: – Don’t take the car off-road – Don’t remove any of the internal or external modifications – Don’t do anything unsafe that could damage the car in any way – Just return it in the same state you got it. Easy enough? Take good care of her for me!

Valtteri’s ‘Second’ Car is owned by Uber Carshare and available to book in Melbourne for a maximum of 48 hours from 9am 22 March until 11:59pm on 12 April 2024 (maximum one booking per member during this period). Book and pay as usual and upon satisfactory return, receive a full refund to the original payment method.



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