Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen enjoyed their last lat tussle in F1 US GP which the German will miss once he retires.

It was another show from Aston Martin’s Vettel who found himself in the Top 10 in early stages of F1 US GP race. Both he and teammate Lance Stroll steadied themselves well showcasing the practice pace they had at Circuit of the Americas.

Vettel seemingly was on course for a good result but a slow stop sent him to the back of the field while teammate Stroll crashed out. The German was left with a fightback in his final stint and a race against time to gain as many places he could.

The target certainly was Lando Norris in sixth but it was too much to ask eventually. Reaching eighth – which converted to seventh – was already a salvage job. It included a hefty last lap tussle against Haas’ Magnussen whom he passed with few corners to go.

It wasn’t easy as Magnussen is not the kind of driver to give up easily and Vettel had to really place his car well to defend. With him retiring at the end of the season, these moments will be the all he had from the last season of his F1 career.

“Obviously we lost some points because of the slow pit stop but I had some more fun at the end, at least,” said Vettel to TV media. “I knew Kevin would be a difficult one, so I was very fair and you know, gave him the room that you need to give, but he was very fair in return and yeah, just left me enough room.

“As I said, I knew it was going to be tight and he would not leave a lot – just enough – and I used that. It was good fun and obviously another sort of strong finish at the very end. No, not like that, but obviously I will miss these moments, miss the adrenaline in places like Suzuka, the adrenaline rush around there.

“Like in COTA too, the racing, battling with the others right on the limit, and beyond the limit to be fair. Yeah, that will be missed, but on the other hand obviously I thought about that in advance and I look forward to what’s coming next,” summed up Vettel, as he and his dad were seen chatting with Magnussen post race.

The Dane was happy to score points for Haas, who are in a battle against Aston Martin. Off late, it hasn’t been easy for the team but they looked good and the strategy of one stop aided them eventually to score at their home grand prix in America.

“I’m super happy,” said Magnussen. “For us as a team, it’s very important to get these points at our home race in the US – and it’s very big on the weekend that we announce a great title sponsor with MoneyGram – it couldn’t come at a better time. Of course, I’m gutted to lose a position to Sebastian.

“I have to say it was some driving from him, that’s when you really realise why he’s a four-time world champion. As much as it pisses me off it was impressive to see. The strategy that we pulled off was purely by guidance with the team. As such a small team to put on a fight like this, it’s great,” summed up Magnussen.

Here’s how Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen battled:

Here’s Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso on collision