Max Verstappen expands on him winding up during F1 race weekends by logging in to play ESports and still show up to win races.

The ESports bug has always been there for Red Bull’s Verstappen. The Dutchman is part of Team Redline and during the off-weekends, he is a regular in racing various championships with several of his team members and others too.

The bug of ESports racing has stretched to race weekends too for Verstappen, who brings a small playstation and unwinds when in his room. Despite spending time online racing with his friends, he shows up on the grid and performs to his best always.

“I mean, I just stayed a bit on European, or even UK, I would say, schedule [especially in Saudi Arabia],” said Verstappen. “So I would go to bed at like 4 a.m., wake up late. Yeah, I mean, the thing is, of course, also, you know, I have my own sim team, so naturally I’m just catching up with them a bit. And yeah, it’s a bit of just unwinding as well.

“I mean, I don’t have a rig here. I’m driving on my controller, you know, so it’s just fun. Just not having to think about Formula 1 and just be with people that, you know, are friends. Whenever I can, I do it. Yeah, I woke up this morning and had an hour spare, so I just logged in and had a bit of fun.”

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