Max Verstappen is likely to use #1 if he wins 2021 F1 title as he talks about the challenge at hand along with Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull’s Verstappen is heading towards his first F1 world championship, he is in the ascendancy and it’s looking good for him. The question is….will he sport the number 1 having won the title as the winners gets to choose if they wish to carry it.

Since drivers have been allowed to select their favourite number, the #1 has been missing from the grid apart from the 2014 season when it was another Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who decided to use it. Lewis Hamilton has so far only used for one session.

“Absolutely (will swap to #1 from #33 next year if I win the title),” said Verstappen in press conference. “How many times do you have the opportunity to drive with number one? And it’s good for merchandise as well! So it’s smart to do that (joke).”

But before we get to 2022, there is a serious matter of a title, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and anything can happen has Verstappen insists. The Dutchman is trying to remain calm but constant questions adds as a reminder of what’s at stake.

“In four races a lot of things can happen,” said Verstappen. “We are looking good but things can change very quickly. I said it after the race in Mexico, I’ve had a bigger lead already in the championship and that disappeared within two races.

“So we have to again try to do the best we can here and again after this weekend we’ll try again to try and win the race. My approach every weekend is the same, we will not change it. It’s very simple, to be honest, if you don’t think about it, you don’t have any dreams or whatever. So I’m just really focused,” summed up Verstappen.

Interlagos is a Red Bull favoured track so in short, Mercedes are running out of chances, a seven time champion is chasing his eighth title. He has been here before and that will stand to him as he knows the gig but even Hamilton realises it’s a tall order and seems in awe of their season to boot.

“Their [Red Bull] pace was obviously phenomenal in the last race,” said Hamilton. “They’ve had a strong car all year, they’ve had the strongest car, you can tell. I think we’ve done as good as I think we could. We are definitely going to be pushing this weekend to see if we can squeeze any more from out of the car. Last time here they were incredibly strong so we anticipate again they will be very hard to beat this weekend. When there’s a will there’s a way hopefully.”

The story was written by Neil Farrell

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