Oscar Tunjo has achieved his first victory in GP3 Series at the Red Bull Ring after an epic comeback from the ninth position. Kirchhofer and Ocon finished on the podium, while championship leader Luca Ghiotto, was fourth.


At the start, Boschung kept back well Kirchhofer attacks, but the Swiss driver was again attacked in Turn 2 where he defended the position very well. Behind Mardenborough, struggling with Stuvik for third place, but Fuoco slammed into his Carlin teammate and into Status Grand Prix driver, that he should pull out with the Italian.

On lap 4 green flag backs on track, with Esteban Ocon getting up to podium overtaking Emil Bernstorff. In front, Boschung kept the lead but a lap later Kirchhofer overtake him on the outside, and also the Jenzer driver lost the second place with Esteban Ocon. Ghiotto on the same turn overtook Bernstorff and stood behind Boschung, a driver who would soon overtake to climb to third place.

Ghiotto Ocon managed to keep behind him, but the fight on lap 10 going to be for the fourth Boschung, Bernstorff and Tunjo, both pilots managed to overtake the rider who started from pole position. Tunjo also managed to pass three laps later the driver to move to Arden International fourth.

Tunjo had no punches, remember that the Colombian started from ninth place, surpassed teammate Luca Ghiotto Trident, then got rid of Esteban Ocon as usual and two laps surpassed Kirchhofer from the outside at Turn 1, excellent maneuver the Colombian took the lead and closely escaped over other rivals.

On the last lap, he was pressured by Ghiotto Bernstorff he passed him in Turn 3 on the outside but the maneuver was not completed as the Italian threw off the track the British.

Finally, first victory of the season by Oscar Tunjo, complete the podium the two top drivers of ART Grand Prix, Marvin Kirchhofer and Esteban Ocon.

Luca Ghiotto holds the lead on Esteban Ocon 10 point margin, Kirchhofer is third at 17 points. Tunjo up to eighth by fifteen points victory that put him 17 points, all achieved this weekend.


Pos. Car Driver Team
1 28 Óscar Tunjo Trident
2 5 Marvin Kirchhöfer ART Grand Prix
3 6 Esteban Ocon ART Grand Prix
4 27 Luca Ghiotto Trident
5 15 Emil Bernstorff Arden International
6 21 Mathéo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport
7 7 Seb Morris Status Grand Prix
8 8 Alex Fontana Status Grand Prix
9 12 Matt Parry Koiranen GP
10 22 Ralph Boschung Jenzer Motorsport
11 26 Artur Janosz Trident
12 11 Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP
13 3 Mtichell Gilbert Carlin
14 10 Adderly Fong Koiranen GP
15 2 Jann Mardenborough Carlin
16 23 Zaid Ashkanani Campos Racing
17 16 Aleksander Bosak Arden International
18 25 Samin Gómez Campos Racing
DNF 9 Sandy Stuvik Status Grand Prix
DNF 1 Antonio Fuoco Carlin
DNF 20 P?l Varhaug Jenzer Motorsport
DNF 24 Álex Palou Campos Racing
DNF 4 Afonso Celis Jr ART Grand Prix