Yuki Tsunoda was pretty surprised by the reaction of fans of ‘conspiracy’ during F1 Dutch GP and asks them to check their brain.

While Max Verstappen took the win in F1 Dutch GP, the grand prix was marred by negative social media reaction where selected fans raised ‘theories’ of collective work between Red Bull and AlphaTauri to cause interruptions to aide the Dutchman.

Tsunoda was the driver with an issue which the team couldn’t spot initially but later it was attributed to something related to differential. But despite that, the fans were pretty certain of mal-practice which seemingly denied a win chance to Lewis Hamilton.

Post-race, AlphaTauri were forced to release a statement to put down the theories and also come in support of Red Bull’s strategist Hannah Schmitz, whom fans started to target. A week on, Tsunoda was surprised to read the conspiracy theories.

“It’s funny that fans are really excited to always create the story,” said Tsunoda to media. “Straight away, I felt some strange things at the rear part, which I thought first was the tyre. I got radio from the team to stop the car in a safe place at the side of the track. So I just stopped, and I nearly switched off as well.

“But I got told again from the team that we didn’t find any issues. That’s why we restarted, we fitted a new tyre, but I felt clearly that there was an issue again. I said to the team that there’s definitely an issue. So that’s why they said to stop. It’s just a super simple fact that there was an issue in the car, and we confirmed there was a differential issue.

“Of course, the situation made it of course a little bit confused, but there’s not any room to complain to the team, myself and also especially to Red Bull that it’s such a, to be honest, crazy, crazy story. And I was also running in opportunity, a good place to score points. So yeah, there’s not any reason to just help them.

“I don’t know if Max was driving P1 or P2, whatever, because I don’t care about Red Bull Racing, because I’m just focussing [on my] job. And I don’t want to know [about the theories] and I don’t care. I want to actually ask how your brain looks like, scan the MRI and see what’s wrong. It’s funny how they create the story.

“Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri are completely different teams. Well, it’s not as [completely different] as the other teams but still, it’s a different name. We’re in Italy, they’re in the UK. We perform in completely different fields,” summed up Tsunoda.

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