Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda has revealed its 2019 F1 car, the STR14, with the same livery which has been in use for the last few seasons.

The Italian outfit hinted on a new scheme in the lead-up to the online launch after sharing photos of Daniil Kyat and Alexander Albon in their race overalls which had a dark blue shade on the upper body and usual lighter shade of blue in the lower half.

The resultant livery though did not change with the same metallic blue with hint of silver and red on the car even though the overalls seems like has seen a change. The helmets of the two drivers was also revealed just before the car was launched.

Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14
Copyright: Red Bull Content Pool
Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14
Copyright: Red Bull Content Pool

Toro Rosso is another outfit in 2019 to have a brand new line-up with the return of Kvyat and signing of 2018 F2 title contender Albon – the Thai made a late entry to the team amid much deliberations with him having signed up already with Nissan in Formula E.

“We don’t know exactly where we’re going to be. Like everyone else, we are working hard to put the best package together and the best thing I can do for myself is to work as hard as possible on myself and on my performance,” said Kvyat.

I believe in the guys in the team. They know what they’re doing. Me and my engineering crew will do everything we can to squeeze the maximum out of the package we’re given by the team. I think we’re looking good and I feel that everyone is motivated and focused.

“I can see that, and it gives me confidence for the future.” Rookie Albon said: “In general, the way I’ve gone about my career and my racing, is I never set any goals on anything. Every year, it was just each race, take it step by step, focus and race in that session.

“Whatever it would be, practice, qualifying, the race. Just take it as it is. If you start setting long-term goals, you just put unnecessary pressure on yourself. I’m just focused on myself and let’s see how it all goes.”

Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14
Copyright: Red Bull Content Pool

Toro Rosso’s long-time team principal Franz Tost added: “As is always the case before the start of a season, it’s too early to say and we don’t want to set a specific target – at least not now.

“All things considered, the quality of the synergies with Red Bull Technology, the belief in our very high level of in-house technical knowledge, the impressive development trajectory Honda has shown so far, and the couple of strong young drivers we have available make me feel confident.”

Following the loss of James Key to McLaren, Jody Egginton, the team’s deputy technical director, said: “Nothing has changed in terms of the design process of laying the car out, we just have a few less variables to play with.

“However, within the framework of a fixed amount of available resource, this can provide an opportunity as it allows more focus on other areas of the car concept which in turn can bring performance.”

The team will be once again amid a fierce midfield battle with the likes of Rich Energy Haas, Racing Point, Alfa Romeo Racing already in it and the threat of Williams and McLaren looming in the background.

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