Guenther Steiner is not pleased with the decision by the FIA and F1 teams to not allow them run on Sunday, but on other days.

Amid the Uralkali situation and the dropping of Nikita Mazepin, Haas had further trouble after it found that the freight carrying its cars to Bahrain couldn’t reach on time when the DHL plane broke down in Turkey. It only reached on midnight on Wednesday.

They eventually decided to run on Thursday afternoon with Pietro Fittipaldi after running an all-nighter to get ready. On the sidelines, the FIA and F1 teams had an emergency meet to discuss if Haas can be allowed to run for four hours on Sunday.

That idea was rejected as per Steiner with multiple teams voting against it. The Italian named McLaren, while German publication AMuS later on added the name of Alpine in the list and suspected one from Mercedes/Alfa Romeo to be the third F1 team to do so.

They were given the opportunity to run extra after the day’s end on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but Haas didn’t run at the end of Day 1. Now they have the chance to run for two hours extra on Friday and Saturday to make up for the lost time.

It is unclear if Haas will do so while Steiner pushes on for a Sunday run. The Italian argues that the team already had to work extra hours to get the car ready for Thursday and it will be harsh on them to pull out 10 hours in a day where they will end late in the night.

The Sunday running hurdle is due to the FIA regulation where it states that a test cannot be of four consecutive days. “I don’t know, I will actually go and see them now because the proposal they made…I think in the end, we shouldn’t be penalised for something that we ended up in which we have no involvement in,” said Steiner to media including

“We just end up in a bad situation, we actually worked hard to make the best out of it and we would get penalised again, we have to run at night, for me it is just like…some of the guys worked 30 hours in a row to get where we are and now if I go an ask them again to work overnight because we have to work longer at night, I don’t think that is fair.

“And there is no advantage if we go testing in the evening or Sunday we put them for half a day on. There’s no advantage, we just don’t or wouldn’t want another disadvantage but we still have to sort it out,” summed up Steiner.

As things stand, Haas is to run Mick Schumacher on Friday morning after which Kevin Magnussen will get a chance in the afternoon. The Dane would continue on Saturday morning with the German returning in the afternoon.

UPDATE: Haas confirmed the changes in its test plans with Magnussen running an extra hour at the end on Friday. He would again run an extra hour on Saturday morning, with Schumacher then doing straight two hours extra in the afternoon.

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