Ralf Schumacher – uncle of Mick – continues to poke Guenther Steiner, this time on social media with his new cosmetic cream.

The two have exchanged words via media last year after Schumacher voiced his opinion where he didn’t feel good about how the Haas F1 team principal Steiner handled Mick during the course of the year, when things wasn’t going right for the German.

Mick was involved in several crashes which put him at a risk of losing his F1 seat, especially when the returning Kevin Magnussen started to do well. Steiner showed his displeasure after the German’s multiple crashes which cost Haas good amount of money.

Lacking confidence, Mick had a team boss in not so supportive situation which irked Schumacher. Post the broadcast of Netflix Drive to Survive Season 5 which covered the 2022 F1 season, more of Steiner’s raw opinions were out in the open.

Even though it was said in the heat of the moment or presented in a certain way, the words seemed harsh for a viewer for the youngster. It had some good moments too when Mick scored points, but the overall tone depicted friction throughout the season.

Steiner stuck to his words when asked about them. The Italian has been a popular Drive to Survive figure since Season 1, even though he hasn’t watched any of the seasons, he knows how he has treated and how well-known he is among the viewers.

“I didn’t watch it, but I made the comments so I remember some of the things I say,” said Steiner to media. “Obviously Drive to Survive shows the worst and the most tricky moments. So obviously that’s what the show needs to do. Whatever was said, was said.

“I cannot take that one back and it was decided not to take it out because it you have nothing to hide and it is what it is. I’m not ashamed of it. As I said, I can explain it with ‘the heat of the moment’. As a racer you say of things I wouldn’t say now, for example. But things like this happen in racing so we shouldn’t go too deep into it to analyse my mental state.

“I’ve got one team member who watches this and I let somebody else decide. It’s always difficult for me to have an opinion about myself, it’s very difficult. Put yourself in my shoes, you know what I mean, the best is they don’t show anything. But is that good? No.

“So again, you don’t get involved directly with your own performance because I’m not an actor, I don’t judge if I ‘acted’ good or not. I did my job and I think I judge my job from what we achieve at the race track. If Netflix looks good or bad, I don’t really care about that,” summed up Steiner.

Eventually, Mick was dropped for Nico Hulkenberg in what is an experienced line-up for Haas this year, where the former moved to a reserve role with Mercedes. But this hasn’t stopped Schumacher from venting his opinion and poking some fun.

“Mick was slow and made mistakes,” Schumacher said to Formel1.de in a video interview. “And as a driver you have to deal with the fact that the team criticises it. I have absolutely no problem with criticism and Guenther Steiner should lead his team as he wants and thinks is right.

“I just have to say that I expect a grown man to treat a young man differently. I think the young man could have been motivated better. When you see that now, you can imagine even more how difficult it was for Mick and what Mick did at his age. In a team where you have the feeling that you are not wanted and you are actually going up against the sack, Mick has done a great job.

“The future will show whether he is good enough at the end of the day. Some colleagues have written that Hulkenberg moves Mick out of the way. I have to be honest: It’s a bit early. A race doesn’t make a world championship. Nico did a great job, no question about it. And accordingly, one has to acknowledge without envy, Guenther Steiner didn’t make a bad decision,” summed up Schumacher.

The German has taken the little action to another step where he has poked Haas F1 chief Steiner on social media where he has asked the Italian to buy his new cosmetic cream for the wrinkles and dry skin, when it hits the market.

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