Carlos Sainz has no hard feelings against Lewis Hamilton after he took away his Ferrari F1 seat for 2025, as he focuses on his own future.

It was certainly a hard pill to swallow for Sainz over the winter when it was confirmed that he will be replaced by Hamilton at Ferrari from F1 2025 onward. Most of 2023, there were queries mostly on the length of the Spaniard’s contract when it is renewed.

But there was little chatter that he will be replaced eventually even though there were murmurs always about Hamilton. By the looks of it, it was not too lengthy discussions between the Brit and Ferrari’s management even though there must have been talks.

Sainz eventually has no seat for 2025. He has been linked to Audi who are to enter in 2026, but he will have to see his options for next year. He doesn’t have any hard feelings with Hamilton or anyone at Ferrari especially team boss Frederic Vasseur.

“Well, from my side, obviously no hard feelings with anyone,” said Sainz to media. “I think this is how the sport works, and obviously I have a lot of respect for Lewis, the success he’s had, and obviously the choice to join Ferrari. Yeah, I would have done the same in his position. I think Ferrari’s a great team and at some point towards the second half of your career or at the end, I don’t know where he’s at right now, he only knows, but for sure he’s a team you would like to be part of.

“So I fully understand that in if on top there’s someone like Fred that he knows and he has a good relationship with and trust, and it’s a no-brainer now to go to Ferrari. And from my side, obviously, as I said, no hard feelings and focusing on my future, on where am I going to go next, and in the meantime, keep doing the best I can for this team,” summed up Sainz.

Hamilton acknowledged Sainz, while adding: “Yeah, I second what Carlos said in the sense that I think what’s most important is that we have, I think, a really good relationship. I think that’s something that all us drivers have actually improved on over these past couple of years. There’s a huge amount of respect between us all, and I have a huge amount of respect for Carlos. So I don’t feel that there’s any animosity or anything like that.

“I think he’s done an amazing job. He’s come a long way, obviously, from when he started within the sport to the output that he has now and the way he approaches things. And he’s grown to be a real strong voice within the driver line-up that we have. That’s really contributing to decisions that we’re making within the sport. And he’s clearly done a great job within his team. So it’s not a personal thing. It’s what happens in this racing world. And I hope that nothing changes between us through that. I don’t think it will.”

For the moment, Sainz is not thinking too far ahead and heading into F1 2024 with the mindset to win and maximise the opportunities coming his way. “Not yet, no [about my future],” he said. “I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know what will be my best option. What I know is that I’m obviously going to maximise my last year in Ferrari.

“I really want to have a good last year in this incredible team and give my absolute best for everyone in Maranello. But regarding my future, I said that the situation changed quite a lot over winter. Now I’m going to need to take my time to decide where I go. We’re obviously going to speak to all the options available what the best mid to long-term project is for me and my career and the best project that gives me a possibility to be a world champion and in the end that’s my dream and the thing that I want to do as soon as possible.”

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