Offical Kosmic driver from Czech Republic, Roman Stanek, won OK Final in the 1st round of CIK-FIA European Championship held in Sarno (Italy). A battle among David Vidales and Pedro Hiltbrand for the second position permitted Stanek gained a gap and in this way, Czech driver could finish 1st. Hiltbrand and Harry Thompson completed the podium.

In the start of the race, Hiltbrand could overtake Stanek from the 2nd positon, which is very strange in Karting starts. Stanek lost two positions, being 3rd behind Vidales. Hannes Janker placed 4th and Mattia Michelotto 5th.

In the next two laps, Stanek won the race because he overtook Vidales first and Hiltbrand after, to become the new leader of the race. Because of this, Kosmic driver did not see himself involved in the accident which occured inmediately after. Vidales tried to pass Hiltbrand, but CRG driver holded the position in the next corners and finally Tony Kart driver had to give up. Some drivers overtook him and in the next corner three or four of them arrived in parallel. The result of this is that Lorenzo Travissanuto flyed out and Vidales and Janker also must retire.

Some laps after, the race stabilized: Stanek was the leader, Hiltbrand followed him at one 2nd, Harry Thompson -who started 11th- was 3rd, Juho Valtanen 4th and Zane Maloney 5th.

After the middle of the race, nothing changed. Only there was a battle among five drivers for the 5th position.

Copyright: Manuela Nicoletti / FotoFormulaK

With five laps to end the race, Thompson began to get close to Hiltbrand. And the Spaniard driver did the same to the leader.

But no one could arrive at time and Roman Stanek finished the OK Final in 1st position, 9 tenths in front of Pedro Hiltbrand, who was 2nd. Very close to him Harry Thompson finished 3rd. Out of the podium Juho Valtanen was 4th and Kas Haverkort ened 5th.