The French driver of DAMS, Stephane Richelmi, won the second race of the GP2 at Monaco. Second was the Spanish Sergio Canamasas and third Rio Haryanto.

The start was relatively clean without any major incident. Canamasas was placed second behind Richelmi. Behind, Nasr was going straight in Mirabeau losing a lot of positions.
Canamasas and Richelmi rolled much faster than everyone and began to pull away with Haryanto, Cecotto and Pic.
A lap later De Jong stayed in Loewes losing the front wing.
Cecotto was running quite slow and Arthur Pic was right behind trying to overtake him in almost all curves.
After 10 laps the positions were maintained. Richelmi was in P1 with Canamasas just behind. Haryanto was third, fourth and fifth Cecotto and Pic respectuvely. Cecotto was retaining Pic and Evans too much time.
Shortly after Markelov was against the wall at Sainte Devote causing the presence of the safety car.
The relaunch of of the race had no major incident and Canamasas and Richelmi turned to escape from the rest.
These laps were quiet without any remarkable incident.
Cecotto rolled very slowly and formed a train of several cars.
Finally Richelmi was followed Canamasas, Haryanto, Cecotto, Pic and Evans.