Pirelli completed another set of tyre testing for the 2025 season with the likes of Visa Cash App RB and Stake F1 Team in action at Suzuka.

Following the end of the Japanese GP last weekend, a group of Pirelli engineers stayed back at Suzuka to take part in the two-day tyre test for the 2025 season. They had both the Visa Cash App RB drivers in action, while one from Stake F1 Team.

They tested the dry compounds where Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas ran on Tuesday, while Yuki Tsunoda and the Finn did so on Wednesday. Due to the rain on Day 1, Pirelli got the opportunity to test the intermediate and wet compounds as well by luck.

They managed to run some tests with the intermediate compound without the tyre blankets, which they wish to pursue after success with the wet compound last year. Post the wet run, they did the slick tyre test with the aim to reduce overheating.

Bottas completed 133 laps in all which included 17 on the wet as he set the best time of 1m34.002s, while Ricciardo did 106 laps which included 16 in the wet, where his best was a 1m34.815s lap. The test continued on Day 2 with Tsunoda in action.

It was dry all around with some hundred fans due to the presence of Tsunoda. He did 115 laps with a best time of 1m34.337s, while Bottas did 149 laps with a best time of 1m33.983s, as Pirelli will test at Paul Ricardo (May 28-29) and Mugello next (June 14-15).

“A productive day with Pirelli, testing some 2025 compounds. Unfortunately, we had limited running this morning due to the weather conditions, but on a positive note, it allowed us to explore both wet and inter compounds which we don’t often utilise,” said Ricciardo. “The afternoon programme went smoothly; we completed our run plan and were able to provide some constructive data to Pirelli – personally, it was nice to do a few laps of Suzuka after our race weekend.”

Meanwhile, Bottas stated: “Day one went smoothly from my side – we went through the entire plan of the day, and gathered lots of useful data about next year’s tyres for Pirelli. The weather was a bit tricky in the morning after the heavy rains, but that actually worked out well as it allowed us to test the Intermediate tyres.

“Then, once the track was dry enough, we went through with our programme, doing several laps and testing different tyre compounds. Every time we are on track, it’s also another opportunity for our entire crew to improve so, overall, it’s been a good, productive day. Today (Day 2) has been a great day for track action – the sun shined throughout both sessions, and the laps we did amounted to almost three full race distances.

“It was another smooth day, the car felt very good, and we went through several compounds in order to gather important feedback for Pirelli, which will result in margins for improvement for the future. Overall, it’s been two good, productive days from my side – it could be a lot worse than spending two extra days driving in Suzuka! Now, I’ll be heading straight to the simulator back at base in Hinwil, as preparations for Shanghai are already underway.”

At the same time, Tsunoda said: “I love Suzuka and am always happy when I get to drive here – I never get bored of this circuit and it’s amazing to see so many fans still around the track. The good weather meant both the morning and afternoon sessions went very smoothly on the slick tyres and I’m glad we were able to complete our full programme, providing Pirelli with lots of good data, so it was a successful day.”

And finally, Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola added: “First of all, I must thank Racing Bulls and Sauber and the three drivers, for the support they provided during this test. Staying at the same track for a further two days in this early part of the season when Formula 1 is working flat out, is no small matter.

“As is always the case in this type of test, the drivers can be said to be working in the dark, in other words without knowing what type of prototype they are testing, alternating with the current tyres, so that their feedback is completely unbiased. With over 3000 kilometres covered at Suzuka, we have acquired a huge amount of data on the slicks, as well as some information relating to the intermediate tyres.

“Over the coming months, this year’s test programme will continue to focus on finalising a construction that provides greater durability and on a complete renewal of the range of compounds, with the aim of reducing overheating. In addition, as from September, development will also start on the 2026 tyres.”


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