Nurburgring is trying to get limited number of fans for Eifel GP in F1 2020 as more tracks react to the news, while there has been a theft at Jules Binachi’s shop.

Following the news of F1 adding three more races for the 2020 season with tracks like Imola and Nurburgring returning and Portimao being added, the German circuit has revealed the idea of having limited number of fans for the grand prix.

The race won’t be run as German GP but under the Eifel GP name, which will its fourth after using European GP and also Luxembourg GP. The organisers beat Hockenheim to get a slot for the 2020 F1 race, despite the former having been in talks for months.

The last time Nurburgring hosted a F1 race was in 2013. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still hot, the organisers are working with the Government to see if they can have limited numbers fans in the stands, with only Russia being the other to publicly state it.

“Of course we are full of anticipation for the event and also a little proud that we were able to bring F1 back to the Nurburgring,” said Mirco Markfort. “The possibility of a Formula 1 race at the Nürburgring had become more and more probable in recent weeks.

“In very cooperative discussions we have now succeeded in finding a joint construct that both sides can live with very well. It was always important to us that the event is also sensible from an economic point of view.”

Although the circuit map hasn’t been added on F1 site yet but it should be the GP circuit. On the other hand, Portimao will be having its first grand prix event with Portuguese GP returning to the calendar after the last event at Estoril in 1996.

It is not clear if fans will be allowed for the grand prix but interestingly, the circuit’s official site has mentioned ‘tickets from 85.00 euros’ on the Portuguese GP homepage, with the track’s map too:

Finally, Imola is another F1 circuit making a return for the first time since 2006 when it ran as the San Marino GP. For 2020, though, it is named as Emilia Romagna GP as the organisers has mentioned ‘reduced audience’, which hints Nurburging-like measure.

The interesting aspect of the grand prix will that it will only run on Saturday and Sunday, the detail of which has not been given. It could be likely because of the distance between Portiamo and Imola, which will need larger traveling distance within days.

It could also be that the other triple headers had two double events which meant less traveling and even the penultimate triple event will see two in Italy itself. The circuit map, though, hasn’t been shared so far on the F1 website.

Moving on to the four rounds getting canned, the organisers of Circuit of Americas revealed about solid sale of tickets for the 2020 event. “The cancellation is prudent, but painful,” said Bobby Epstein. “After a sold out 2019, advance ticket sales deposits were up nearly 250 percent over the prior year, and our staff were preparing our biggest event ever.”

The statement from COTA is not clear about refunds or if tickets have been carried forward like Mexico GP has mentioned. The note asks fans to keep the tickets of 2020 which will be valid for 2021 but is not clear on if anyone will be refunded if they wish to cancel.

However, fans can inquire about the same on their website. Meanwhile, like COTA, the organisers of the Canadian GP and Brazilian GP hasn’t mentioned much on the ticket side so far, with the latter yet to acknowledged the cancellation even.

Jules Binachi news:

Outside the F1 2020 calendar bit, a news about Bianchi’s shop getting theft has been noted by the late driver’s mother. The family runs the ‘Jules Bianchi Association Shop’, an initiative started by them to help Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Nice.

“We would like to inform you that the Jules Bianchi association shop in Brignoles was robbed last night,” she wrote on her social media. “We think they will try to sell what they stole from us: Men and women’s T-shirts, men’s, women’s and children’s polo shirts [et cetera]. Share my post as much as possible.”

Here’s the update from F1 on the 2020 calendar