Adrian Newey says Red Bull had a quicker car on balance over the course of 2021 F1 season as talks about the high intensity of the year.

Longtime chief designer Newey reckons Red Bull on balance had a quicker car during the course of the 2021 F1 season but agrees that Mercedes managed to claw back a lot towards the end of the year where they were quite handy.

He agrees that regulation changes suited Red Bull more than Mercedes, but they all agreed to it. “It’s difficult to know exactly I mean we all voted for the regulation changes,” said Newey. “Did it suit us more than Mercedes? It seems so certainly earlier in the year, obviously the last few races they’ve come back very strong.

“I think on balance we’ve probably had the quicker car and that’s a tribute to everybody back in the factory really. I think obviously everybody’s. We’re all in the limelight here but what the guys have done back in the factory my colleague engineers the everybody everybody in the whole place the support we feel when we’re out here that they give us is amazing,” summed up Newey.

The Red Bull tech chief couldn’t keep up with his emotions during the finale which was up and down like the whole season. “I mean you have so many emotions in a race like Abu Dhabi,” said Newey. “Obviously, in the laps before the safety car, it looks if it’s all swiftly slipping away from us and inevitably kind of start thinking about the year and what we could have done some unlucky moments.

“Copse in particular which personally still really grinds with me what happened there and then the safety car happened, I think obviously we’ve got lucky in that sense, there’s no two ways about it without safety car but if I reflect and of course I’m biased I know but if i reflect I think that max thoroughly deserved it good balance,” summed up Newey.

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