A new Hollywood movie on F1 and motor racing is in works as per various reports with involvement of Brad Pitt and also Lewis Hamilton. 

While the F1 circus were involved with the Saudi Arabian GP this week, outside the paddock reports began circulating about a new motor sport film which is in the pipeline as per multiple movie outlets including The Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood ace Pitt has been said to star in the film, with well known director Joseph Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer speculated to be involved in the project. From the F1 side, Mercedes’ Hamilton is said to be part of it also.

The story or angle is not clear right now but whatever the topic, it should be interesting.  Motor sport films in the past have had mixed receptions with their audiences. The most recent Ford v Ferrari did very well, which showcased the big Le Mans rivalry.

Meanwhile, Rush in 2013 did well but not as well as possibly expected. The two which always come to mind from the past are the John Frankenheimer directed GRAND PRIX in 1966 and LE MANS starring Steve McQueen in 1971. 1990 then saw the very successful NASCAR based “Days of Thunder”.

Question is what would they be looking at now? There has been rumours of a film about the much loved Gilles Villeneuve and also there was talk of a movie about the totally unpredictable and ultimately tragic 1982 season.

The popularity of Drive to Survive must have certainly rung a bell for many. The report adds that studios like Paramount, MGM, Sony and Universal are among the bidders along with streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple, Disney and Amazon.

The story was written by Neil Farrell