MP Motorsport has decided to skip Formula Regional European Championship’s Mugello round in honour of Dilano van’t Hoff’s death.

MP Motorsport statement –

MP Motorsport withdraws from FRECA Mugello Event (on July 7-9 weekend) to honour Dilano van ’t Hoff. Dear friends, last Saturday we lost a great driver, but above all a charismatic young man that motivated and inspired so many people around him. We keep on racing, for Dilano, like he would have wanted. But before doing so, we choose to be with Dilano, his family and friends during the next days and during his funeral service.

Because of this and all emotions and questions we have, we feel the FRECA event at Mugello this week comes too early and as a team we decided to not participate in this event. Our thoughts are also with Adam Fitzgerald. We wish him, his family and team RPM all strength during his recovery process. Dilano, thank you for being you. We will all miss you so much, but we will always remember you. On behalf of everyone at MP Motorsport, Sander Dorsman.

Adam Fitzgerald –

“I have no words for Dilano’s family other than I am truly heartbroken for them. They and Dilano are constantly in my thoughts. I don’t know what to say other than I am heartbroken for them.”

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[Note: The story is as per press release]