Mercedes has penned a letter to its fans after a dismal start to the F1 2023 season and the subsequent changes they are to undertake.

After another bad start to its campaign in 2023 like that in 2022, Mercedes were quite open and candid in Bahrain in admitting failures with its concept. Toto Wolff noted that it gave the car a fair chance last year and the progress they hoped didn’t come this year.

He concurred with his drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell about the lack of downforce which the current concept didn’t provide. It wasn’t that they took the decision overnight in Bahrain, but they had it in mind and checked different concepts too.

Considering the situation and gap to Red Bull presently, with Ferrari and Aston Martin too in the picture, it won’t be a quick turnaround for Mercedes and amid calls from fans questioning their position, the team released a letter to its fans.

Like they were in Bahrain, Mercedes is open in admitting their shortcomings and noted that there won’t be an panic decisions. They have requested its fans to criticise but in a manner where it doesn’t harms anyone as they need their support to push itself back on top.

Here’s what the letter from Mercedes said:

To all our fans. Bahrain hurt. It hurt each one of us, who head into every season determined to fight for world championships. It hurt the team as a whole, after pouring so much hard work into a car that hasn’t met our expectations. And we know it hurt you, our fans, too. Your passion and support are so important in driving us forward – and we know that we feel the same pain.

The situation we face right now isn’t the one that any of us wanted – but it’s the one we have. That’s the reality of it. And the simple questions are: what can we do about it, and what will we do about it?

First, we won’t panic or make knee-jerk reactions. In a spotlight as fierce as F1, people are quick to point fingers, or look for scapegoats. But you know us better than that. Inside the team, we talk about having the courage to fail, the character to be accountable and the strength to see failure as an opportunity. We have been open and searingly honest about where we find ourselves. And we are working urgently and calmly to build our recovery plan, focusing on what needs to happen short term, medium term, and long term to win. We already have developments in the pipeline for the next races – and there will be more to come. But this won’t be the work of a moment; there are no silver bullets in F1.

Second, we will keep our heads held high – and take this journey step by step, together. We are Mercedes. We know the standards we aspire to, and nobody is flinching when we look at the mountain we must climb. It won’t be easy – but where’s the value in something easy? These are the times when character is forged; the times when a team becomes greater than the sum of its parts, tackling difficult problems and conquering them. We’re together through thick and thin – from Toto, Lewis and George, to every single woman and man in the factories in Brackley and Brixworth. And we love that challenge.

Third, we will be calling on each one of you, too, to power us to the front. Whether you’re offering criticism or support, there’s a right way to do it – and a wrong way. We want our online community to be a safe space full of healthy debate, where people treat others and are treated with respect – be they team members, Mercedes fans or rival fans. We have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, abuse or bullying of any kind, and will take appropriate action to any comments or posts that do not meet our guidelines. And we want your support to make that a reality throughout our community.

We’re already hard at work on changing the course of this 2023 season. The recovery began immediately after the race – and everybody has a part to play. Are you ready to join us for the fight back? If not, then there are no hard feelings. If yes, then let’s do this.

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