Memento Exclusives has started a fan campaign via MotoGP Authentics, which is giving fans a chance to feature on the chequered flag.

Memento Exclusives, the driving force behind F1 Authentics and UFC Collectibles, is now inviting MotoGP fans to ignite their passion through a new venture – MotoGP Authentics.
MotoGP Authentics, like its F1 and UFC counterparts, is an e-commerce platform set to take fandom to new heights. Launched at the end of 2023, the new label is the perfect online destination for motorsport enthusiasts to find their dream piece of memorabilia from the teams and riders they love.

As the chequered flag dropped on 2023, MotoGP Authentics continued to bring excitement through its ‘Own The Chequered Flag’; initiative, an already popular product on F1 Authentics. This initiative allows fans to put their mark on a race by adding their names to the iconic flag that gets waved to signal the end of the race and winner. Now, ahead of the new season, the 2024 flags are live, with fans and collectors able to secure their positions on the flag of their choice.

These flags will be waved at the end of each of 2024 races and will allow fans to be a part of a winning and crowning moment, immortalised forever. MotoGP Authentics, although only at the start of its journey, is gearing up to target a global market of sports fans. With 2024 marking its first full year in operation, the brand and company behind it (Memento Exclusives) is embracing the opportunity to bring MotoGP fans closer than ever before.

With new partnerships in place for 2024, fans can expect an array of collectibles, from race used racewear to signed merchandise and even replica bikes. This season will no longer just involve witnessing the thrills from the grandstands; it’ll invite fans to hold a piece of genuine MotoGP history in their hands.

MotoGP Authentics hosts an online memorabilia shop, with memorabilia and flags available to purchase at

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